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Bali Lamp Shade

Bali Lamp Shade Lamp Stands and Lighting Accessories Products Wholesale and Supplier come in a variety of unique designs crafted from natural materials and textures. Bigest collections of Balinese Lampshades Craft Products made from natural shell, corn husk, floating stone, bamboo, egg layer, coconut frond, coconut palm stem, coconut stick, wood bark, leather, seagrass, banana leaf, rattan, fern trunk, vetiver root, water hyacinth, rayon crinkle, cotton string, textures, iron plat,  glass, beads, woods, resin and terracotta. For more detail please see below performance...Your RELIABLE ONE STOP SHOPPING and SHIPPING SOLUTION.

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Wall Lamp Shade w/ Recycle Paper, Banana Fibre

Lamp Shade w/ Rattan, Coconut Stem, Ata Straw
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