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About Taru Cendana Bali Handicraft Wholesale

Wholesale Handicraft Supplier Offering Various Collection of Bali Handicraft Products Unique Bali Musical Instruments, Bali Natural Leaves Photo Album, Bali Mask Gecko, Bali Lamp Shades, Bali Airbrush, Bali Umbrellas, Bali Sand Crafts, Bali Coconut Craft, Bali Fashion Accessories and others Made in Bali Indonesia. owner

Taru Cendana Bali Handicraft Wholesale and Furniture Supplier was established in 1998 with Mr. Julianto Suryadi as its owner, saw that the Balinese Handicraft business was a good business, in Bali almost each village had handicraft craftsman who made the different kind handicraft. Saw the number of handicrafts and the craftman in Bali.

We have known many craftsman to be best in Bali and has had good relations so as we would with really was easy to find the best Bali Handicraft, with the good quality and the price that in accordance with the market so as you will be proud to sell or had. warehouse

Bali Handicraft Info Taru Cendana Handicraft Wholesale and Supplier provided various type of Indonesia Furniture and Bali Handicraft Information Products like Balinese Box, Bali Home Decoration, Bali Statue, Balinese Painting, Bali Batik Painting, Bali Musical Instruments, Bali Djembe Drum, Bali Wood Carving, Bali Furniture, Bali Natural Handicraft, Bali Photo Album, Bali Gifts, Bali Home ware, Bali Art Candles, Bali Tissue Box, Bali Frame Mirror, Balinese Bags, Ata Bags, Fashion Accessories, Knitting Wears Handicraft, Knitting Bags Handicraft, Knitting Hats Handicraft, Bali Garment, Bali Sarongs, Bali Sandals and others.

All the products we sell, are selling in many countries because we are so concerned with quality, time and also price, so we are very positive to serve you better. If you do not find what you are looking for in our Bali Handicraft Catalogue please do not hesitate to contact us and we are glad to source it for you.

Our Company Bali Handicraft Product Wholesale was open for professional buyer, retailer, company of house equipment, developer company, buying agents, the importer, the broker and the distributor from all over the world.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Bali Handicraft Info Taru Cendana Handicraft Wholesale for further information. We will happily give the answer to all the questions or your request. We were waiting for the happy news from You.

Best Regards,

Julianto Suryadi.

TARU CENDANA Handicraft Wholesaler
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